a mug with white glaze and brown circles.
a stoneware bowl with a translucent white glaze and a single cobalt stripe.
handmade pottery
a woodfired cup with visible wadding marks
a white mug with blue cobalt spots
a woodfired cup with a simple slip application
Making mostly wheel-thrown, one of a kind pieces. An exploration of form, function, and surface. Adventures in clay bodies and glaze formulas. Composed of an uneven mixture of repetition and abstraction. Ultimately I just enjoy making pots.
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a salt-fired bottle with heavy slip application
a matte stoneware bowl with a single cobalt stripe
a slab built bowl with slip trailed design inside.
a large green bowl with abstract nuka glaze design
🌍🌏🌎 los angeles, california 🌎🌏🌍
a stoneware jar with a white crawl glaze
a woodfired cup with a slip and incised line design
a white mug with an accent of green oribe glaze on the bottom.